Pronto Case Management Software is a comprehensive application designed to manage all aspects of your probation and electronic monitoring caseload.  From case initiation to discharge, Pronto provides the information necessary to meet your offender supervision and reporting needs.

Our years of experience in Parole, Probation, Pre-Trial supervision, and electronic monitoring shows in this feature rich application. The following list includes brief descriptions of Pronto’s most popular attributes:


All cases are assigned to specific officers in the system.  Each officer tracks all information for offenders throughout their cases.  Multiple dockets including concurrent and consecutive counts are assigned to offenders upon sentencing. In addition, courtesy officers can also be assigned to allow offenders to report to other offices.


Discharge dates are calculated automatically depending on whether cases are entered as concurrent or consecutive once the sentence information is entered. As a result, Pronto Case Management Software can automatically adjust discharge dates due to cases being tolled and untolled.


The system automatically allocates payments when posted in the system. Unique Payment Allocation rules can be established for each court or Entity.


Any employee authorized to supervise a case can enter notes concerning the case. Activity notes can be made on a person, docket, and/or obligation level.   System notes are automatically generated when critical functions are performed.


Officers schedule report dates and times for each offender.  These dates are then stored in the system and can be accessed through reports to ensure compliance with scheduled obligations.

Email/Text Notifications- reminders of upcoming appointments can be emailed or texted to offenders.


Program information is included regarding any program the offender has been ordered to attend, such as substance abuse or anger management counseling.  Subsequently, officers can then enter information regarding their compliance or non-compliance with each program as the case progresses. 


Pronto Case Management Software keeps track of community service hours both ordered and completed.  As the offender completes hours, the officer enters the number of hours completed, the date completed and the site where the offender completed the hours.


Jail time hours, both ordered and completed, can be logged. This can be setup at the time of sentencing.  The supervising officer then logs the dates and number of hours served as it is completed.


Drug test types can be logged as well as the results of the test and the dates the test(s) was given.


Officers can assign offenders to the drug test randomizer.  Offenders can be setup for weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly testing.  The offenders can then log in to an on-line system each night to see if they have been called for a drug test. Text and Email alerts can also be sent when random tests are scheduled.


Warrants can be entered on each offender when necessary.  The system displays a Warrant alert whenever the offender record is searched.


Tolling orders can be entered on offenders once signed.  The system automatically adjusts the discharge date once the officer updates the system that the case is no longer tolled.


Probation revocations and other court appearances are logged by date and results of each revocation hearing  or apperance can be added to the system.


External documents can be attached to the Person, Docket, Obligation and Court.  Pictures can be uploaded and saved for each Offender.


Pronto Case Management Software includes a task manager section which works as an officer’s to-do list.  Tasks can be assigned to officers by co-workers, managers or themselves. Once tasks are completed the officer can remove them from the list. During each Pronto login, a list of that employee’s active tasks is displayed.


Pronto features numerous pre-configured reports designed for all aspects of business including supervision and financial reports for both in house and client/court use.


In addition to the standard report collection, Pronto includes a report wizard which allows managers to customize and create their own reports based on their needs.


Electronic monitoring devices such as ankle monitors, base units, GPS monitors and similar equipment are tracked by assignment as well as tracked through internal inventory.


Pronto’s robust array of financial tools allow for both collection and disbursement of collected monies such as fines and fees. Electronic monitoring obligations can accrue on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  In addition, Pronto supports participant and agency billing and has the ability to generate and email agency invoices.


The control of arrearages is a vital function of any business, Pronto Case Management Software allows officers to view current arrearages and send letters, email messages, or text messages to delinquent participants.


Pronto includes a Document Wizard which allows officers to create documents for court as needed directly from the system with most information automatically populated from the backend database.  Examples include Probation warrants, Affidavits, Petitions, and letters. These documents can be customized to a degree directly inside the program and/or exported to a number of popular formats to allow for further customization or storage.


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