Pronto Consulting has over 50 years of experience in parole, probation, pre-trial supervision, electronic monitoring, and caseload management tool development. We also have over 35 years of software programming and database development experience. Above all, our staff engineers all solutions with both growth and budget in mind.

Based in Cumming, GA, Pronto Consulting provides services to community supervision providers across the United States. Our clients include county and municipal courts, pre-trial diversion departments, probation offices, and electronic monitoring providers. As a result of the recent popularity of House arrest and electronic monitoring programs, case management system software are in demand. Pronto Consulting has the experience and technology to provide the most robust solution available. Our software solutions were among the first specifically designed for offender management. Originally developers of probation software, Pronto Consulting now fully incorporates our electronic monitoring module into our Pronto software. In addition, Pronto features a full financial tracking module as a standard feature.

Pronto Consulting utilizes the latest technologies to deliver a state of the art application to meet the changing needs of our clients. Pronto, our new case management system is now available via the Software as a Solution (SAAS) distribution model. As a result, our clients can deploy Pronto either as a desktop application or within an Internet browser. This flexibility is a prime example of how Pronto is a premier case management tool for agencies of all sizes


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